2016 Sessions

(Alphabetical by last name of the presenter)

On the Origins of Parkour | Julie Angel | See & Do

On Fear | Dylan Baker | MYRM

The History and Logic of Organizing Parkour | Stany Boulifard | ADD Academy / 4PK

How to Make Money in the Parkour Industry | Ryan Ford | ParkourEDU, APEX Movement

Injury Rehab & Proprioception | Rob Haddow | Play Project

Teaching Methods for the Parkour Instructor | Melanie Hunt 

Media and Representation | Anya Chibis | The Parkour Project

Variability & Challenge with Climbups | Tom Coppola | Origins Parkour

Nonprofit business management | Tyson Czecka | Parkour Visions

Youth Coaching Strategies | Austin Lutz & Emily Fleet | Hidden Playground

Gender Roles in Parkour | Alice Popejoy | Independant

The Paradox for Designing for Parkour | Mikkel Rugaard | Street Movement

Athlete Training | Rene Scavington | Origins Parkour

Advice and Feedback Systems | Barrett Schneider | Enso Movement

The Shoulder: Anatomy in Depth | Joseph Torchiea | Parkour Horizons

Safety & Risk Management | Matthew Willis | BAM Academy



What does it cost to attend?

Our ticket price this year is $250, which includes two nights of housing for the event, as well as the saturday night dinner, snacks & drinks throughout the weekend, social events, and full access to all the talks, sessions, and activities.

$250 to attend is expensive. Why is it so expensive and what if we cant afford it?

Ticketing costs help cover everything from food & housing, to the venue, photography/videography, printing, media, scholarships, and other logistics involved in making this event so great (possibly even some of our time, in the future)!  

We also have a few options this year to access content and this event, from free to those who wish to donate & sponsor

1. Free.  While you won't be able to attend the event, we will be working with a group this year to do exit interviews and capture the core-messages of the various speakers attending, making them freely available online. 

2. $50-250 Each participant is allowed to request a reduced rate ticket, based on hardship or other factors including cost of travel. We only have a limited amount of reduced rate and scholarship tickets available and will give them to those who require it most.

2. $250 A regular pass to AOR2017 in New York City, which is inclusive several meals, two socials, snacks & drinks, housing, and, of course, the entirety of the event!

What are you looking at when considering a reduced ticket / scholarship request?

When applying for a reduced ticket or scholarship, we look at a couple of important things, from your involvement in the community to financial need due to personal or travel circumstances.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to us,  however please know that we can not give reduced tickets to everyone (otherwise the event won't be able to ruN!)