Laugh, Listen, Learn

The Art of Retreat is a Leadership & Education Event where:

  • A school of thoughts and an environment of learning, where development and progress can occur for individuals, organizations, and the community.
  • An experience of place and of people, where joy and a positive communal spirit melt away the stresses and differences
  • A safe place where ideas are shared and received with an open mind, and relationships are strengthened through honesty, vulnerability, and respect. 

The weekend getaway is packed with talks & debates, project building & problem solving, movement & play, relaxation & reflection. 

Crowdsourced & Co-Created

Each year the event follows a loose structure that is then filled to the brim with content, activities, and a theme that is crowd-sourced from its participants. We welcome anyone to submit content to present or experiences they'd like to have, and expect all who do attend to contribute in some way, whether it is with their skills, time, resources, or ideas.

We together create the Retreat.

Small Groups & Intimate Spaces

The weekend is experienced in series of small spaces and groups, with a focus on maintaining an intimate atmosphere for talks, movement, and reflection. We want all of the participants to feel like they can have their voice heard and valued.

  • Teach&Talks lead in living rooms, parks, and and around communal tables
  • Movement sessions in local spaces and backyards
  • Communal Meals in small but shifting groups, group dinners, farewells.
  • Dedicated time set aside for reflection and meditation
  • Small group project-problems brainstorming

More than Movement

This is not a jam. While we all love to get out and move, there are hundreds of events each year that get people to do just that. The Retreat is focused on celebrating the thought-leaders in education, leadership, business, health, and design.

Passions, Perspectives, and the Beginners Mind

This event is all about creating opportunities for individual passions and perspectives to not only shine through, but to be challenged, pushed, and explored deeper.

While we expect everyone to come and share their expertise, we also expect everyone to come with a 'beginners mind'. This means leaving at the door any preconceptions and judgement, and embracing an attitude of openness and eagerness in order to more fully engage with and learn from others.