Let’s do this!

About the Application Process

Applying to attend the Art of Retreat event is an opportunity to tell us about your projects and experiences. Sit down and reflect on your work. We seek people who will be strong participants in the community space, and the ideas or projects that may follow after!

When reading applications, we look at what you bring to the group — whether in conversation or creation! Whats your background and what impact will you have on this years event and community?

Your Impact

While we can provide the space and the bones of the program, at the end of the day the event experience is created by those who show up and participate (or choose not to). How will you impact the event? We seek individuals ready to bring their ideas, knowledge, and energy to the weekend. Let us know what you’re passionate about, how you’re working on it. What’s a conversation you want to have? What’s a problem you’re trying to solve? What’s an idea you want to share? Do you want to create something on site for others?

From giving deep expertise through a speaker panel, exercising a group with a movement session, to volunteering time or facilitating meaningful conversation, to bringing or building something on the site for others to play with—we want those ready to radically participate and contribute!

Your Background

The Retreat draws interest and attendees from all over the world. One of our goals is to build a diverse group of individuals representative of different ideas, identities, and perspectives. This includes representation of varying geographic locations, communities, organizations, fields of study, and more. We focus on individuals that are willing to show the capacity in bringing back post-event knowledge and experiences in a meaningful way to their home communities—whether directly or through digital platforms.

Technical Tips

  • Quality over quantity. The application committee values qualitative substance over how much you may say. Take your time for authenticy when applying.

  • Set aside time. We strongly recommend being ready for uninterrupted thinking.

  • Apply early. Pay special attention to our registration dates! Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling schedule - it pays off to apply early!

I have another type of question about applications. Who can I contact?

North America:
Email Caitlin@ParkourVisions.org