Vision & The Co-Creative Mindset

There are no spectators at the Retreat.

Each year the attendees create this experience together, with all participants bringing something to the event, whether it is in the form of providing a talk or a session, to volunteering time, skills, energy, or ideas. 

One of the biggest things we look at when evaluating an application is the way you want to contribute to the Retreat, as well as your vision for the weekend.

Projects & Experiences

PROJECTS: We are interested in what you are passionate about, (and not only inside the world of Parkour), and how you are working to share that passion with our community. What projects or initiatives are you working on? 

EXPERIENCE: Whether your work is real-world and project-based or academic and theoretical, we want to hear about it.  What have you done, what are you doing, where are you going--why?  

These two elements together reflect your viewpoint and voice, helping us better understand what you uniquely offer to this event.

Geography & Community

The Retreat has interest from all around the world.  We are trying to build a diverse group not only in background but in what organization you are apart of and where in the world you are from.  We look for individuals who not only come from a different communities, but also have the capacity to bring back and share their knowledge in a meaningful way.


Quality over Quantity

It is more important what you are saying, than how much you said.  Take your time, be authentic, and don’t worry about filling the box.

Set Time Aside

We strongly recommend anyone interested in attending sets aside at least 30 uninterrupted minutes to write their application.  

Apply Early! 

Since we will have several dates for reviewing & accepting applications (rolling application), it can pay off to apply early on.