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Deadline IS MAY 1

The Art of Retreat is a celebration of all the individuals contributing to the growth of the discipline of Parkour-through personal practice, experimentation, research, and professional work in their respective areas of expertise. It is not a jam or a conference, but rather a global community space to test out and explore new ideas, share successes and setbacks, and to catalyze our existing positive growth in partnership with other passionate practitioners.

We make big jumps together by sharing big ideas (and small ones too!). You don’t need to be an expert to join in—we only ask that you take the time beforehand to have an educated opinion, that you listen and communicate kindly with others (especially those you disagree with), that you receive feedback gracefully and give it in likewise, and carry your passion with you all weekend!

Due to venue restrictions, and our desire to keep the size small to facilitate better conversation & connection, this event is not open for general public ticketing. You must APPLY TO ATTEND below!


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Quick FAQ

Check out our complete event & application FAQ→

Why do I need to apply? Why can't you just let people attend on a first come first serve basis?

We have a limited number of spaces, and people across the world are interested in attending.  We want to curate a well-balanced group from many different backgrounds and nationalities who can come out and not only represent their communities but also have the capacity to return to those communities and inspire positive change and growth. We’re almost certainly interested in having you along, we just want to make sure we don’t accidentally end up with a completely unbalanced event.

How do you evaluate applications & select those who will attend?
Every application is read by our panel of organizers.  
We will take into consideration everything you write in the application form.
You can learn more about what we are looking for on the complete FAQ page.

Do you have any tips on how to apply?
Check out our tips to apply page!

What if I can't attend the whole weekend?

While we understand everyone has busy schedules, the Retreat is a unique opportunity to take a break from the 'work' of your work, learn new skills, meet other professionals, and engage in difficult conversations. We want to give spaces to people who will show up and make the most of this experience, and will favor applications of those who can.

We will prioritize individuals who can commit to the full weekend over those who can not.