How do I Attend?

AOR is a closed event: You must either be invited or apply and be accepted to attend. 

Applications for the 2019 North American Retreat will open in April 2019.

Who can attend?

Full requirements for attending can be found on the Attend page.  We are seeking individuals from across all disciplines, not just exclusively within Parkour, to come and present and participate. 

This event is not for spectators--We believe that everyone who attends participates fully and brings something to the table.

This event is 21+

Size Restrictions

The event is currently being held at a cap of 100 participants.  We believe we can create a more intimate event, where everyone is empowered to participate, when we can keep group sizes small. 

We look at applications within the context of their communities, and who you are within your community: How many others from your city/state/region are attending? Are you in a position to meaningfully share what you learn with others--whether it be students or fellow practitioners?

When do I find out if I've been accepted?

You will be notified no later than July 4th

I am not affiliated with any organization/company, can I still apply?

Absolutely.  We understand that there are a lot of people operating, researching independently and having no affiliation will not hurt your chances of being accepted. While community impact is important in our consideration of who to accept, we also look closely at personal contributions, perspectives, and work. 

What if I can't attend the entirety of the event?

While we understand everyone has busy schedules, the Retreat is a unique opportunity to take a break from the 'work' of your work, learn new skills, meet other influencers, and engage in difficult conversations. We want to give spaces to people who will show up and make the most of this experience, and will favor applications of those who can.

We will prioritize individuals who can attend the full event.

Speaking & Teaching

How can I apply to Speak / teach?

Read more about the various topic tracks & apply here!

What is the deadline to apply to speak?

June 30th, 2018

When will i find out if I've been selected?

We will try to notify all speakers no later than July 4th.

What are Skill Sessions?

Skill Sessions are introductory classes to skills and activities outside of Parkour.  In the past we have had stunt falling, capoeria, yoga, and acro, movnat, fire starting, wilderness skills, and more.  We welcome teachers from both within Parkour and outside of the community to submit, and encourage our instructors to relate their practice back to parkour.

(Can I / How do I) nominate a speaker / teacher?

If you wish to nominate a speaker or an alternative education teacher, please send an email to

The Event


When this event first ran in 2015, it ran without an official name ("instructor retreat"). The goal was to get some of the most talented leaders and teachers across the country away from their busy schedules and into the same room to connect with their peers in the same field, and to share all the good ideas, research, and work they individually were accomplishing.

During that first weekend, we sat in small beach houses on the Jersey shore discussing unit planning strategies, injury recovery methods, and debating the impacts of landing, while across the world in Greece, top tier athletes apart of the Redbull Art of Motion leapt from buildings and showed off their talents to a large audience.

As a group we decided that 'Art of Retreat' was a fitting name, as AOR stood in stark contrast to AOM but also complimentary to it!  Where AOM celebrates the athletic achievement and ability of individuals within the discipline, AOR celebrates the high quality education and leadership that fosters and builds those abilities. It provides a 'retreat-like space'-- safe and intimate for personal connection & reflection ('retreat'), as well as a platform for 'the other half' to have their voices heard and celebrated.

Where is the event held?

The event has been held in past years in New Jersey and New York. In 2018, the Art of Retreat will be in Washington.

We use non-gym spaces for this event, preferring living rooms, round tables, backyards, camps, and other similar intimate spaces, that allow us to focus on content and discussion, over movement and training.

Why is there a ticket fee?

To organize and run a high caliber event of this kind, we end up encountering several major costs.  Tickets end up only covering a fraction of the costs listed below.  The event is also financially supported by community sponsorship, individual donations, and personal funds.

  • Space Rental - The largest cost is space rental! We need 3-5 separate indoor spaces available simultaneously on both days for talks & sessions. Along with that goes insurance, cleaning fees, and deposits.  
  • Photography / Video - We seek to hire photographers/videographers to come in and record the talks & sessions for the site & future sharing.
  • Snacks, Food & Housing
  • Equipment Rental - Both parkour/physical equipment as well as electronics
  • Miscellaneous Costs - These are the little things that add up, such as print materials, office supplies, food supplies (ie plates, forks, cups, etc), cleaning supplies, etc.

At this time, this event is organized by a Board composed of volunteers.

What is included in a Standard Ticket?

Standard tickets include lodging for the event duration, as well as all meals. We also usually provide snacks and drinks throughout the weekend, and when needed, transportation.