Below you will find three sections

  • Event FAQ, specific for each location on travel, lodging, and other logistical elements

  • Attendee FAQ, for applications, fees, etc.

  • Speaker FAQ, for questions related to speaking



Where - When

Friday, April 26th -
Monday, April 29th, 2019
Field Studies Council
Enochdhu, Blairgowrie PH10 7PG
Scotland, UK


Fly into: Edinburgh Airport. Both Glasgow and the Edinburgh Airport are approximately one hour and forty minutes away by drive to the site. Transportation will be organized from Edinburgh to the site, and you can choose to reserve a spot upon registering. Complete information here.


FALL 2019

Where - When

Thursday, September 26th -
Sunday, September 29th, 2019

Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp
15263 N Shore Dr A
Leavenworth, WA 98826


Fly into: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The Sea-Tac Airport is approximately two hours away by drive to the site. Transportation options will be available from Seattle to the site, and you can choose to reserve a spot upon registering

Attendee FAQ

Why Attend?

Aside from the fact that it’s the bomb (dot) com, here are some reasons why.

How do I Attend?

Anyone interested in attending must submit an application to attend!

Applicants will be selected on the strength of their submitted application and the executive panel’s judgment that the applicant is likely to fully participate, contribute, and leave with action. Our applicant committee judges all submissions by our fundamental principles of the Art of Retreat network. Applicants must be 18 years of age by the time of the event.

Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling schedule - it pays off to apply early! All applicants will be notified by January 15th the latest, and will have 30 days to secure their spot by purchasing their ticket.

EUROPE RETREAT (April 25-28, 2019)

APPLICATIONS OPEN from November 1 - December 31 2018
Event runs in Scotland, UK

NORTH AMERICA RETREAT (September 26-29, 2019)

Applications for 2019 are open from March 4th - May 3rd 2019
Event runs in Leavenworth, Washington, USA (near Seattle).

Why Do I Need to Apply

The Art of Retreat has a limited number of spaces (per venue restrictions) and a rapidly growing interest in attending.  Instead of taking first-come-first serve, we seek to build a well-balanced group from many different backgrounds and nationalities who can come out and not only represent their communities but also have the capacity to return to those communities and inspire positive change and growth. We’re almost certainly interested in having you along, we just want to make sure we don’t accidentally end up with a completely unbalanced event, attendees without beds, and sessions with too many participants that meaningful conversation can’t be held.

Do you have any tips for applying?

Applying to attend the Art of Retreat event is an opportunity to tell us about your projects and experiences. Visit this our APPLICATION TIPS page for information.

Do I need to speak perfect English?

Both the North American and European events will be run entirely in English. If your English is good enough to understand this sentence then you will likely be fine. We will do our best to provide any important information in French, Spanish, Italian and German. If you want us to translate anything into your language, please let us know.

How much does it cost & what’s included?

The Art of Retreat ‘19 Europe ticket costs £250, and includes full access to all the event activities, lodging for three nights and four days, all meals and light snacks, and free use of the site amenities and grounds.

Registration fees help to pay for the venue, catering, conference supplies, rentals, and all related services. We recognize the importance of minimizing the financial burden to attend, and thanks to the generosity and contributions of our partners, we are able to offer the ticket as low as we are!

We also appreciate everyone’s contributions, and recognize all of those who on top of their ticket also then contribute their time and actively participate in the creation of the event and program through volunteering, speaking, teaching, and organizing. Financial assistance may be awarded to individuals serving in exceptional volunteer positions, though this is not typical.

All participants are responsible for their own travel costs.

Is the event all lectures and panels?

We schedule a wide variety of informational talks, conversations, workshops, games, group missions, and more. We will work with our speakers and specialists on their presentation formats to allow time for questions. There will be plenty of breaks between sessions for downtime, snacks, and meeting others. Our event atmosphere is full of curious, approachable, and diverse individuals open to discussing ideas, networking, problem solving, playing, and relaxing.

Size Restrictions

The Europe Retreat in 2019 is capped at 80 participants.
The North American Retreat in 2019 is capped at 105 participants.

We believe we can create a more intimate event, where everyone is empowered to participate, when we can keep presentation group sizes small. Additionally, our venues are often set in retreat locations and have limited access / capacity.

When do I find out if I've been accepted?

Europe Retreat applicants will be notified by January 15
North American Retreat applicants will be notified by May 15

What if I can't attend the entirety of the event?

While we understand everyone has busy schedules, the Retreat is a unique opportunity to take a break from the 'work' of your work, learn new skills, meet other professionals, and engage in difficult conversations. We want to give spaces to people who will show up and make the most of this experience, and will favor applications of those who can.

We will prioritize individuals who can commit to the full weekend over those who can not.

I have another type of question. Who can I contact?

Europe Retreat 2019 - John Hall
North America Retreat 2019 - Caitlin Pontrella

Speaking FAQ

How can I apply to Speak / teach?

EUROPE RETREAT (April 25-28, 2019)

OPEN NOW. Deadline to submit your proposal is December 31st, 2018
Event runs in Scotland, UK

NORTH AMERICA RETREAT (September 26-29, 2019)

Event runs in Leavenworth, Washington, USA (near Seattle).

What is the deadline to apply to speak?

European Retreat - December 31 2018
North American Retreat - May 3 2019

When will i find out if I've been selected?

European Retreat - Jan 15 2019
North American Retreat - May 15 2019

Do I need to also submit an attendee application?

No. However, if you have a co-speaker, they DO have to submit an attendee application.

Do I need to be able to speak english?

The official language of the event is English. We will do our best to provide any important information in French, Spanish, Italian and German. Translation may be available, please reach out to us.

What technology is available to speakers?

Each room will be equipped with a video system that can be connected to your business laptop via HDMI. Mac users are suggested to bring their own dongle connection. Download anything you may use to a memory USB stick that will be brought to the conference. Internet service is available; you are safer to rely on downloaded material.

Will I be able to make any changes to my submission closer to the date?

Yes, if you need to make a change please e-mail our assistant director, Gordon.
All submissions are final after January 1st 2019.

Can I add a co-speaker / co-specialist?

Yes, you can have a co-speaker / co-specialist.
However they MUST fill out an attendee application.

How Are Speakers Chosen?

We use a double-blind peer review process for all submissions. Experience with speaking is less important than being knowledgable on what you’re talking about. Do we expect you to be THE expert on what you’re talking about? No. Do we expect you to be AN expert? Yes.

We expect our presenters to share knowledge, research and experiences.
Sessions are NOT an opportunity to promote specific products or services.
Sessions are NOT platforms for political agenda.

Do I get to attend for free if I speak?

We are not able to provide all our speakers free registration or reimbursement for expenses incurred to attend. We are able to offer some limited financial assistance to those in need. Please make sure to request this on your submission.

Can I nominate a speaker / skill teacher for this year’s event?

Yes. If you wish to nominate a speaker or skill teacher for this year’s event, please contact us at