International Governance Sessions

During the 2017 Art of Retreat, on Friday, September 29th, there will be an exploratory and educational program focused on International Governance, with Parkour Earth, International Parkour Federation, and Parkour They Said.

  • 3 hour long program
    • 45 minute presentation covering historical and current political elements
    • Two 10 minute presentations by each representative
    • Two 50 minute question & answer sessions, one with each representative
  • Audio/Video + Transcripts will be Released mid-October
  • Questions for our representatives may be submitted below for consideration
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Craig became interested in Parkour and Art du Déplacement in 2012 and is known for appearing, basically, everywhere. He is the voice behind the "Parkour, They Said" podcast and a partner in the think tank Umbrella CAST. Craig's formal education is in Physics and Astronomy. He has an extensive background in aikido, has led astronomy retreats for the Appalachian Mountain Club, and has been an Internet entrepreneur since 1994. As a programmer, system administrator, problem solver, blogger, and voracious reader, his varied interests have led to an eclectic range of experiences. His curiosity and perseverance drive him to seek challenge, conversation, and understanding.




With almost twenty years of experience in Sports Development, Eugene was central to integrating Parkour within the mainstream sports consciousness of the UK.

As a Sports Development Manager at the City of Westminster, Eugene was the project coordinator of the seminal documentary Jump Westminster, which proved conclusively how beneficial the discipline of Parkour /Freerunning could be as a social engagement programme for young people. Eugene’s pioneering approach has helped establish Parkour /Freerunning as a hugely beneficial and accessible activity across the UK, which led to the founding of Parkour UK, which in turn led to the formal recognition of Parkour/Freerunning a 'sport' and Parkour UK as the recognised National Governing Body (NGB). He is also curently the transitional CEO at Parkour Earth, the International Federation for  Parkour/Freerunning/Art du Déplacement. 




Victor has been an actor, educator, writer and thought leader for more decades than most people have been alive. As a master teacher and curriculum chairman for California non-profits Young Playwrights Project and the Young Filmmakers Academy, Victor created a curriculum based on Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey", which made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of at-risk youth over a 15 year period. His work with underserved youth led directly to his interest in parkour, and together with his partners David Thompson, Francis Lyons and the original WFPF Founding Athletes, formed the World Freerunning Parkour Federation, USA Parkour and the non-profit International Parkour Federation. Their groundbreaking show, MTV's ULTIMATE PARKOUR CHALLENGE remains the most-watched event in parkour history (3.5 million TV viewers plus millions more online) and led to the work they have done over the last ten years providing products, services and mentorship to further the responsible growth of parkour worldwide.