The Call for Presentations is CLOSED.

Presenting and skill-sharing at the Art of Retreat is a great opportunity to share and get feedback on your ideas, practices, and voice with the greater parkour community! We invite presentation proposals that explore topics across a variety of areas, including but not limited to coaching methodology, educational theory, business practices, architectural and urban design, community trends, media, and social sciences.

Proposals could be for both long and short form presentations, hands-on learning workshops, and skill-swaps. Proposals should have a title and abstract no longer than 250 words describing the core themes of your contribution. What can others gain by attending your session--how might it improve their practice or inspire them? Additionally, we ask you to include a short bio of each person facilitating the session.

We welcome both new and established presenters, and will work with you to confidently deliver your talk.



TEACH & TALK Educational sessions
(60-90 minutes)

Teach & Talk Deep Dive Sessions are at the heart of the Art of Retreat. Speakers are given 60-90 minutes* to present in depth and interact with their audience. How you choose to divide up the time is up to you, but we encourage making your content as interactive as possible! In the past, presenters have incorporated hands-on activities, facilitated conversations, demonstrations, and question/answer periods.

We typically request Teach&Talk Educational Session presenters prepare an accompanying presentation. You will, however be free to adapt your presentation accordingly to the actual circumstances.

*We do not expect you to speak for the full 90 minutes, and we require all presenters to carve at least 15 minutes out for discussion & questions.

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Teach & Talk Short Spark Sessions
(25-40 minutes)

Teach & Talk Sparks are concise and focused presentations lasting approximately 15-20 minutes, followed by a 15-20 minute question & answer session, with the intent to spark conversation!

Speakers are not required to provide a formal presentation if you prefer to work with notes, and will have access to the same technology and materials available to deep dive session presenters.

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(60-90 Minutes)

Help us bring the fun and build connection!

Our Skill Sessions kick off each day with movement and non-movement skills from disciplines other than parkour. These sessions push everyone into a beginner’s mindset, learning something new together.

Everything from movement games to meditation, survival skills to dance, yoga to drawing. We welcome similar class offerings, as well as new. Though these sessions are not parkour-specific, we encourage bridging connections between parkour and your subject.

We are primarily outdoors although indoor space may be utilized. Please indicate any space restrictions or equipment requirements that you need.

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To assist the event planning team in developing a balanced educational program, we will ask you to please classify your presentation into one of the themes below

  • Education - Teaching & classroom practices, methods, and tools, coaching philosophy, etc. Working with schools, government, partners.

  • Science & Health - Lessons from biology, nutrition, injury, recovery, personal health, and beyond

  • Business - Culture, organization, business management, professional best practices, professional skills, media and brand development, etc.

  • Design - How are we designing for our discipline? Architecture, landscape architecture, history, urban planning, art installation, and more.

  • Emerging Trends & Community Issues - Everything from governance to inclusivity, gender, public relations, and more.