The Call for Proposals is Closed.

We are looking to build a diverse group of speakers and movement instructors to share their knowledge, research, and experiences, to ignite and guide meaningful conversations, and to help us in building the best leadership & education event for parkour! 

If you wish to nominate a speaker or teacher, or if you have any questions, please send contact to our organizing board.


T&Ts are the core sessions of the symposium, organized around the four major themes of the conference.  The Teach & Talk format mixes a 'ted-talk' style presentation (Teach) with a lively round-table (Talk) that allows the speaker to take questions, engage in debate, and interact with the audience.

We welcome T&Ts on a wide range of topics, from inspirational to informational. When submitting your proposed presentation, you will be asked to categorize it into one of the following tracks.  Please choose the one that best fits your talk.

  • Education & Practice - Teaching & classroom practices, methods, and tools, as well as parkour specific skills & techniques, progressions, topics

  • Science & Health - Topics in biology, nutrition, injury, recovery, personal health, and beyond

  • Business & Leadership - Topics in culture, organization, business management, professional best practices, etc.

  • Design - Approaches, practices, and methods across architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, art installation, and more.


  • TIME: 90 minutes to present and host a discussion on your topic. Format / how you use this time is up to you! Interactive? Lecture? Mix? Something else?

  • LOCATION - Classrooms, outdoor spaces. Let us know your needs.

  • EQUIPMENT - You may request technology (tv/projector screen, computer), office supplies (large sheets of paper, pens, markers, etc), or parkour equipment (bars, boxes, etc).

  • DISCUSSION - We require every presentation to allot a minimum of 15 minutes for questions/answers and group discussion.




These hour long sessions kick off each day, teaching movement or physical skills from disciplines other than Parkour.  It is a way to get everyone in a beginners mindset, learning something new, and moving together. In the past we have had stunt falling, capoeira, acro-yoga, primitive skills, fire making, calisthenics, feldenkrais, contact improv, and movnat!  We welcome similar class offerings, as well as new.


  • TIME - 60 minutes, in the morning.

  • LOCATION - We will be primarily outdoors. Please indicate any space restrictions or equipment requirements that you can not otherwise provide.

  • ELIGIBILITY -  We are looking for sessions that are not parkour specific. However, we STRONGLY encourage drawing connection between parkour and your subject area. We are seeking individuals with experience in peripheral movement disciplines to teach 101 sessions.