What is the Art of Retreat?

The Parkour Leadership & Education Retreat, more fondly known as the Art of Retreat, is a weekend long getaway retreat and conference focused on idea-sharing and debates, project building and problem solving, movement, play, relaxation, and reflection. It is open to people across all dimensions of diversity, from all backgrounds.

    A robust schedule of interactive talks and discussions in areas of education, movement, business, leadership, science, and design.
    Quickfire, 5 minute shorts across a wide range of topics, including teaching tips, recent discoveries, and problems still unsolved.
  • Sit down to large communal meals every day--breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and participate in social events, from hiking and climbing to bonfires and night missions.
    Kick off every morning with skill and movement classes, exposing you to other disciplines, including yoga, capoeira, wilderness survival skills, and more.
  • Downtime for making personal and professional connections.
  • Dedicated sessions to project brainstorming and problem-solving, where you can work with others to make progress on specific initiatives

We Seek to Create

  • A school of thoughts and an environment of learning, where development and progress can occur for individuals, organizations, and the community.
  • An experience of place and of people, where joy and a positive communal spirit melt away the stresses and differences
  • A safe place where ideas are shared and received with an open mind, and relationships are strengthened through honesty, vulnerability, and respect. 

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