Help us create the Retreat!

The Art of Retreat is volunteer lead and driven. Join the team behind the action and help us create an unforgettable experience for others! Key volunteer roles below get discounted tickets as well as early access to the site. Roles marked as OPEN are still open to be filled!

Photo Lead (2019 CLOSED)

Prepare and review shotlist with director. On site all weekend, capturing all facets of event. Coordinate with other photographers, if any. Early arrival not required, but requested to be onsite early for display & setup photography. Discounted ticket, Early Access

Display and Decor Lead (OPEN)

Oversee the overall event aesthetic in partnership with Director, including welcome table displays, welcome bag elements, speaker setups, cabin kits. Coordinate with Speaker Lead to ensure tech matches displays. Coordinate and support Lounge Lead to ensure aesthetic is continuous. Discounted ticket, Early Access.

Night Mission Team (2019 CLOSED)

Responsible for designing and executing night missions. Work closely with director and organizing team to ensure games meet social-goals of the event. Discounted ticket, Early Access

^ Lounge Lead (CLOSED)

Oversee the design and setup of the lodge lounge in the evenings in partnership with the Diplay and Decor Lead and Director. Take inventory, ensure things get stored away properly and set up properly, including any special fireside snacks. Coordinate with organizers on needs, scheduling. Manage Lounge team and Small discretionary budget. Discounted ticket, Early Access

^Lodge Lead (OPEN)

Oversee the set-up and clean-up of lodge during the weekend. Manage the table tetris team and the coffee/snacks team. Coordinate with organizers on layout. Discounted ticket, Early Access

^Transportation Lead (OPEN)

Supports participants in getting to/from site by providing information, trouble shooting travel times. Collects travel data in one place, assists when possible with finding housing for out-of-event time. Best if a local individual. Discounted ticket.

Coffee & Snack Bar Crew (6 spots open)

Make sure the coffee and snack bar stay fully stocked. Make 4 pots of coffee before each major meal (20 minutes ea), check once in the afternoons to refill. Lay out snacks according to schedule. Individuals should sign up for 2 shifts. Expected total amount of time over weekend 1-2 hours. Discounted ticket.

Loungers Crew (4 spots open)

Set-up and layout the lounge area every night, and clean up at end of night. Discounted ticket.

Timekeepers (4 spots open)

Support the event by keeping us on track! Timekeepers are responsible for helping keep speakers on-time (giving notices), as well as ensuring the presentation spaces are clean (no trash left behind) and ready to go for the next speaker after the talk ends. 4+. Timekeepers do not get a discounted ticket but they do get early choice/early session registration!

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