By the community, for the community

The Parkour Leadership & Education Foundation is an independent and not-for-profit initiative managed by a board composed of members of the community. While this board is responsible for ensuring the spirit and mission are upheld each year, the events and initiatives we hold are designed to be 'open-sourced'. We provide a broad scaffold and then have participants fill the event with their content, interests, and ideas. As such, we see the Foundation as something created and owned by the community.

As an initiative, the Parkour L&E Retreat (Art of Retreat) seeks to foster the development of leadership, research, and international cooperation in the discipline of Parkour.

PATRONS of the Retreat

This event is only made possible by the generous support and donations made by our patrons and affiliated organizations, past and present.


The Board is responsible for not only organizing the main event each year, but ensuring its program and content, as well as any outside initiatives taken on, are consistent with the mission of the Retreat.

North America
Caitlin Pontrella, Chair
Alan Tran
Adam McClellan
(And two open spots to be filled in the January 2018 open application)

Caitlin Pontrella
Stany Boulifard
(And four open spots to be filled over the next 6 months)