Strength in Togetherness,
Courage in Leadership

The Art of Retreat is an organization dedicated to supporting the growth of the discipline of parkour through educational events and resources. Our events and initiatives are created and lead by volunteers from the community.

Our Board

The Board provides strategic oversight and organization to ensure all programs, content, and initiatives are consistent with the mission of the Art of Retreat. Members not only volunteer their time, but often donate their own financial, business, and human resources.

Caitlin Pontrella, Executive Director & Founder
Alan Tran, Deputy Director
Adam McCellan, Event Director, North America
John Hedge Hall, Event Director, Europe
Daniel Lumsden, Assisting Officer, Europe
Gordon Tsang, Assisting Officer, Europe

We welcome any individuals interested in volunteering their time & resources to the creation of the Art of Retreat to reach out. In the next few years, we hope to expand our board size and global presence.

Supporting Volunteers

Our volunteers work hard to support the Art of Retreat mission and guiding principles. The developing work of the Art of Retreat and its events are made possible by individuals who help contribute their time, talent, and skills. Our needs have shifted with the growth of our organization and leaders continue to step up!. The Art of Retreat appreciates the support we receive from the volunteer team and parkour community.

Network of Supporters

The Art of Retreat would not be possible without the past, present, and future financial support and larger resources of community companies, organizations, and private practitioners.


Our organizing partners go above and beyond in supporting the production of the Art of Retreat, providing not only substantial financial support but facilities, insurance, human resources, digital services, and more.

Parkour Visions | Enso Movement | PKGA | Access Parkour

Sponsors & partners

Each year we partner up with organizations in the larger community to help us keep this event affordable and ensure everyone has access and opportunity to participate regardless of cost.

Firestorm Freerunning | American Parkour | Apex Movement | Teach Build Play | Pinnacle Parkour | Freedom in Motion | HUB | B.A.S.E. Fitness | Know Obstacles | Axiom Parkour | Scape Treader | Innate Movement | Rochester Parkour | Breathe PK | Skochypstiks | Parkour Singapore | Parkour Generations | Parkour for Schools | Movers Mindset | Adapt Qualifications | International Parkour Federation | The Movement Creative | YAPP | CLIF | FormCard | Munkpack | Parkour EDU | Parkour Horizons |

Fiscal Sponsor - North America

Parkour Visions is a 501(c)3 Non-profit based in Seattle, Washington, and serves as the fiscal sponsor of the Foundation & Art of Retreat, providing financial management and support in operation and execution.

Nonprofit partner - europe