Why PARTICIPATE IN the Art of Retreat?

The Art of Retreat brings together a global community of people with a deep shared interested in furthering the growth and development of the discipline of Parkour for a weekend of learning and play!

There are many ways to participate in the Retreat, whether creating, volunteering, speaking, or attending. Learn more here.

Attend Educational & Interactive Talks

Choose between 16 educational presentations and discussions in areas across education, movement, business, leadership, science, and design.

Time For You

Take a break. Most attending serve in some leadership capacity back at home. We make sure to schedule plenty of downtime to meditate, reflect, and engage in a little self-care. This weekend is as much about re-energizing as it is about learning.

Learn New Skills

Expose yourself to other disciplines and skill sets, including meditation, dance, martial arts, and more.

Contribute to others!

Give & Get feedback, participate in learning conversations, challenge your way of thing and challenge others. At the end of the day, those attending are those passionately interested in supporting the long term growth of the discipline and its respective communities. If we are to go far, we must go together.

Connect to the Heart of the Community

Forge new friendships and deepen old ones. AOR draws in participants who are deeply involved in their communities and practices, coming from all walks of life, backgrounds, and geographic regions.

Crowd-Source Solutions

Crowd-source solutions to problems you are facing in your community with others in similar roles as you.

Playing together

From communal meals every day to large scale night missions and challenges, move and play throughout the weekend a part of a team.

Brainstorm New Projects & Next Steps

Dedicated break-out space for sharing projects you are working, as well as brainstorming new directions.